The spice of writing

If variety is the spice of life, I've just come to the thought it can also be the catalyst of writing.

I suppose I'd best explain, or you'll be lost in my commonly puzzling thought processes without a map.

That rather opaque opener for this blog comes from a very specific question which has been posed of me, which is this - how do I write? And my interrogator is keen to point out she doesn't want some wafty artistic answer, but a solid and grounded description of where and when.

The easy part, the when, is usually I write early in the morn, say from 6am onwards. It's for two reasons - one, that's the only time I can guarantee not to be called by work and so have a chance to concentrate, and two, it's when my brain tends to be freshest and most willing to disgorge some passable ideas.

The more interesting element, or so I've come to realise (first aside - thank you questioner; as ever, often the person who learns the most when being interrogated is the subject themselves), is where I write.  Because it varies.

I commonly start the day by writing in bed.  That's part laziness - I'm very fond of bed - and part warmth, particularly in the winter, but mostly because I usually have a head full of ideas as soon as I wake and want to write them down before they evaporate, as they have an annoying way of doing.

But, just as I used to break up my revision in those long ago student days, I like some variety to keep me entertained. After an hour or so, I'll commonly decamp downstairs to the lounge, and write there (I work on a laptop), perhaps to partake of a coffee to accompany the artistry, and then, maybe another half hour later, upstairs to my study to continue.  That was never a conscious decision, merely instinctive; I find the change of backdrop helps keep me refreshed and creative.

And that's just the mechanics of the actual writing part. When I need to do some thinking, I can sometimes lay back on the sofa, listen to some music and close my eyes, or I might try a walk around the river, or a trip to the pub, for the wonderful inspiration of a pint of ale and a little of my favourite sport of people watching.

Variety appears to keep my oft-reluctant brain active, hence the itinerant writing style. So, very good question that inquisitor - thank you - and keep them coming in, it's always a pleasure to hear from readers.

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