The strange workings of mind and body

I've been feeling unwell of late, which is annoying (there's no time for that nonsense!), but has given me cause to reflect on the relationship between mind and body.

It's one of those agues which have made me sweat and shiver and feel like I've been beaten up all over - twice.  But the curious thing is that it hasn't affected my brain.

Or, at least, I don't think it has - it might have done so to the extent that I'm delirious, but haven't noticed.  You'll have to be the judge of that.

And then, of course, comes the question as to whether there'd be a great deal of difference to the ramblings of the "normal" me (I use the quotes advisedly.)  But that's enough digressing.

One of the great curses of being ill is the boredom.  What else is there to do except feel sorry for yourself? But that hasn't been a problem this time. I've simply been laying and thinking.

And my mind has ranged far and wide, to the extent that it's even surprised me (and I'm normally used to its oddities).  It's been working happily through ideas for new books and stories, characters, thoughts about teaching, and how to sort out these six writing lectures, as well as a whole load of things you really don't want to know about.

I can only conclude my brain has taken offence at the frail confines of the physical world and gone off on a wander of its own.  Which is fine by me, because it's been an interesting experience.

It's not something I want to happen often, but it has tapped into a seam of creativity, and that's made me think about the way these mind and body things work.  Sometimes in harmony, sometimes in opposition to each other.

And as is so often the case, in truth we understand very little about why, as is the way with much of the mystery of life.

On a happier note, thanks to the folk who've noted my forlorn Tweeting ( @thetvdetective  if you're interested) and got in touch to wish me better times - that's been much appreciated.

And finally, something I rarely do, but I will anyway, because it's deserved.

A few months ago, I was asked to contribute to a book on what it's like being an author.  A copy arrived this week, and I was hugely impressed (and I don't mean at my bit - I'm talking about how thoughtful it is, and what fine advice it offers.)  It'd be very useful for budding authors. 

If you're interested, this is the link - 

Excuse me for now, I have some more groaning and recuperating to do. And no, it's not man-flu, before you even think a word of it.