The TV Detective

Ah, Xmas time...

Apart from a few very pleasant days off, it's also given me a chance to work on the edits of The TV Detective, and I'm enjoying it. 

It's a strange experience, because often, the suggested changes come back from the publishers a good while after you've written the original book, so it's almost like discovering the story anew.  It's been interesting to see how the relationship between Dan and Adam develops, and to follow their first escapades together.

It feels so long ago now that I began sketching out how the pair met, but in fact it's only just a little over five years. So much has happened in that time! 

I hope you'll enjoy the book too. It should help to answer a lot of the questions readers have been asking about how the tvdetective series began.  I think I can promise you the odd surprise or two as well.

Publication date is Feb 1st - provided I keep getting on with these edits!