The TV Detective

Ah, happily the final edits of The TV Detective are done. 

Apologies, but the book is a little behind schedule.  That was due to the fortnight of freezing weather at the beginning of the month, which left me very little time to work on it, and my poor publishers were also snowbound and struggling.

However, all is now proceeding smoothly - or as smoothly as does ever anything when I'm part of it, anyway - so The TV Detective should be out early in Feb. 

I've had quite a few questions raised about how Dan and Adam met and began working together, along with others about the genesis of the series.  I hope the book will answer all those, and manage to entertain you a little too.

So, now it's onto the next book in the tvdetective series (in terms of the lives of the characters) and I'm pleased to report that's all well underway.  The Balance of Guilt, as it will probably be called, is due out in September, and will be the story of a dreadful terrorist atrocity, the most dangerous case that Dan and Adam have yet faced.

Finally, for this dispatch, I was reading today that Monday is the most depressing day of the year - cold, dark, the despair of broken New Year resolutions, no money etc. 

That's all entirely understandable.  But I'm trying to be cheery and am looking at it another way.  The grim month of January is almost done, and the nights are definitely getting a little lighter!

Yours, with an attempt at a smile, and wishing you a fine weekend and a not too miserable Monday to come...