The ups and downs of television

Something I'm often asked is whether I'd like to see the tvdetective books take to the small screen.

The obvious answer is - of course!  I'd be delighted at so many more people being able to enjoy (hopefully!) the series.

There are, however, a couple of layers of caveats behind that. The first is - and this is a curious irony, given my day job - I'm not much fond of television.

That's an oversimplification, in fact.  I believe TV has enormous potential to do great good and provide a fascinating insight to the world.  Just think of those wonderful natural history programmes, or travel series - they can take us to see things we never otherwise would.  And there's some great entertainment too; wonderful comedy, drama series etc.

What I don't like about television is the way it's become misused - all pervasive and sometimes a substitute for thinking.  Is it just me that finds the endless daytime house makeover and fly on the wall programmes utterly tedious?  You can't visit some homes without the TV blaring all day in the background for no particular purpose. 

And as for televisions in pubs - don't get me started! If you go to the pub, surely you go to socialise, for a chat to your friends?!

Anyhow, that aside, back to the main point. There have been a couple of expressions of interest from TV companies in the books, but nothing has yet come of it.  (If you're a TV producer and in need of a new series, feel free to get in touch, despite all I've just said!) I suspect I'll need to write a few more novels first, to hone my craft and give a good basis for a series before there's any prospect of television.  I still count myself a newcomer to this writing lark, and learning all the time.

A quick confession here, and I always worry myself when I write that, but I have resolved to be honest in these blogs (for better or worse, as the saying goes).  I sometimes play a little fantasy game with myself, that if the books did make it to TV, who would take the part of Dan?

Well, given that so many people think the tvdetective is at least semi-autobiographical, I suppose the obvious answer would have to be Daniel Craig!

And with that, before I say more, I suspect it's time to sign off for this entry...

One final word - if you're looking for something to do in Exeter on Saturday, you could fare far worse that visiting the St David's Church Fete.  It's a fine day out, and this year they've secured some buffoon of a jobbing writer to open it...  More details on the News and Events page -