This childish author

The TV Detective is currently in the process of being printed. 

The reason I've headlined the blog, This Childish Author, is that's exactly how I'm feeling.  Like a kid at Xmas time!

I've planned, then written the book, done the re-writes (about half a dozen or so now), gone through all the details of the edits, approved the cover and blurb, and now it's finally time to see the finished product.

It's the moment at which all the work feels worthwhile.  When I finally get to hold the completed book in my hand.

When my sample copies arrive, I'm not ashamed to confess my little hands shake, and I tear away at the cardboard of the wrapping like a man demented.  All say - aaaahhh!

From what I can tell, the book's come together well.  But I'll leave you to decide on that, as you start to read it.  It should be available within the next week or so.  There'll be a link on the site when it is released.  See the books page -

One more piece of news on The TV Detective - as the other audio books in the series are ticking along nicely, I've been asked to record a version of this one too.  I'll be starting work on it in the next few weeks.