Travelling abroad...

Well, only in the most modest of ways, admittedly - I'm off to Wales.

I'm giving a talk at the Writers' Holiday, a fine programme of events designed to help people who want to become authors.  It's at Caerleon near Cardiff, and if you're interested, there are more details on the News and Events page -

The event has a great reputation as hugely helpful for aspiring writers, and as a good fun time too, so I'm looking forward to my visit. 

There'll also be a little mistiness of nostalgia, I suspect.  I took my journalism diploma in Cardiff, which was my route into the media, and much of the reason the tvdetective books came about.  It's a great city, very vibrant, so I shall look forward to revisiting some old haunts. 

You know what it's like, when the ghosts of days gone by come back to stay.  I'm expecting a poignant time. 

To the more practically minded, I'm also taking my laptop so I can continue the work on the new book, The Balance of Guilt.  The editing is still going smoothly, with all remaining on course for publication in September.  Long may it continue!