Troublesome chapters

I've been reviewing the new tvdetective book, The Balance of Guilt, which is due out in Sept.

The good news is that - in my humble view, at least - it seems to hang together pretty well and make for a decent story.  I even got quite excited towards the end to find out what would happen - strange perhaps, when you consider I wrote the thing!

The odder news is that I appear to be struggling with my chapter structure.  I've noticed some of them can go on for scores of pages. So, some work to divide them up into more manageable chunks has been required. 

I think I've worked out why that is. When I'm writing, I tend to get so into the book - almost wanting to find out what happens next, like a reader (hopefully) - that I just keep on going and forget to portion it all up. 

The good news is that it's not hard to do - just a question of spotting the natural breaks, with maybe the odd added paragraph or two.  And after some debate, I've now convinced myself that my little chapters issue is a positive sign. 

At least it means I'm enjoying the story, wanting to tell it and believing in it, so coming back to insert proper chapters later seems a reasonable price to pay.