Truro and Facebook

Firstly, thanks to all those who came along to Truro library yesterday for the Crime Day.  I enjoyed it greatly and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

The new library looks superb - a wonderful use of the space and so light.  It's such a transformation compared to how it was.  It'll make a great focal point for the city - I hope to be invited back to see you all again.

Now, onto Facebook.  As those of you who amuse yourselves with my scribblings will know, I'm doing my best to keep up with these new ways of communicating.  It does sometimes feel like watching a very fast train accelerating off into the distance and doing one's pathetic bit to catch up, but I'm trying...

As part of that, I'm told a Facebook group has been set up about my writing.  If you're into these things, and fancy joining, by all means have a look.  I've joined, but as I said on the site - as I write the books, I suppose I should!