Nothing too heavy for this fair Saturday morning, fear not, just a few thoughts to follow up last week's musings on Treasured Hates, my dear friend Adam, and his dislike of ill mannered behaviour.

Writing books is a wonderful way of taking revenge, or even vengeance on people in a suble, and commonly not so subtle manner.

It has been noted in the tvdetective series that I can descend into what the kinder readers describe as "social commentary", the more straightforward ones "a bit of a rant" about a particular subject, or group of people, who have the misfortune of attracting my ire at that moment.

Guilty as charged is my unavoidable response!

Petty officialdom is a common target, the legal profession also often feature, as do journalists who may not be in the Gifted and Talented set of the ignoble profession.

As ever, the question comes up; is this a reflection of my own views, and if so, what have these folk ever done to upset me?

And as ever, my answer is - no comment!  You must read into the novels what you will (it says this in my little book of How to be an Author - always be enigmatic, mystery sells, apparently.  And who am I to argue, a relative newcomer to this fascinating trade?)

But what I will add is this - if there's an issue that's bothering you, a hundred thousand words or so is a fantastic way of working it off!  It's like running a mental marathon, and you certainly feel better come the end, even if it takes a while, and a fair chunk of effort to get there.

Another common question posed of me is whether the newsroom characters in the tvdetective books are drawn of my colleagues?  I hope by now I don't need to tell you how I'm going to answer that point, except to say that for a writer, influences can come from all around, but some places more so than others...

Excuse me signing off now, but summer appears to have recalled her job description and there's a lesser spotted shining object in the sky, so I'm off for a run around the river, followed by a gym class. It's a Hall Saturday morning favourite, although I will confess that the best part remains the return home, the papers and a bacon sandwich!