Communications / Schools


Simon is committed to widening participation in higher education, and encouraging young people into prestigious careers.

As part of his charitable work, he has taught media careers at Cambridge, Exeter and Plymouth Universities, and dozens of schools and colleges, often working with the Speakers for Schools organisation.

Simon has also mentored many students into careers in the media.

Simon can offer teaching in creative writing, careers in the media, the secrets of success, how to get into a leading university and secure a top job, or a mix of all four, in sessions lasting from an hour to a whole day.

He is also regularly invited to speak at careers fairs, including at the Universities of Cambridge and Exeter, and schools and colleges, to talk about life as a journalist and writer.

For a taster of one of the Secrets of Success days, you can watch this video video.

Simon is always happy to consider invitations to speak at schools and colleges. If you’re interested in him visiting, please get in touch via the contact page.